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We will work with your bookkeeper or refer one of our bookkeepers to you to make sure transactions are entered timely, correctly and consistently to assure you stay in compliance with the multitude of regulatory agencies, capture the information necessary to prepare tax returns and minimize taxes, provide lenders and investors with accurate and meaningful reports, and give you the management tools you need to maximize revenues and profits.

Bookeeping Review and Consulting

We verify balance sheet accounts are properly reconciled and income and expense accounts reflect actual results of the business. We help you understand the financial statements by showing you trends and advise you on potential opportunities and possible pitfalls.

Compilations and Reviews

We will compile or review your financial statements if desired or required by your lender, investor or a regulatory agency. We will help you select an auditor and will help you prepare and organize information if you are required to have your financial statements audited.

Business Planning,
Financial Projections and Forecasts

There are many reasons you may benefit from having a comprehensive business plan, financial projections or forecasts. Having a plan helps you evaluate your progress toward your ultimate goals, it is a valuable tool if you are selling your business or raising capital, and it helps you hold managers accountable for expected results. We bring the knowledge and expertise to help you develop, implement and monitor a comprehensive business plan.

Tax Services

Our job is to evaluate your business and your owners’ tax situation to determine the best tax structure for you that fits with the overall business goals. We’ll keep up with the changing tax laws, prepare accurate timely returns, and help you implement programs that will reduce taxes and move your financial goals forward.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Services

One of the many duties the owner of a small business is expected to fulfil is the responsibilities of the CFO.
These duties include:

  • Safeguarding assets and risk management
  • Cash management
  • Negotiating loans and lines of credit
  • Compliance with government regulatory agencies
  • Evaluating the financial impact of contracts and other agreements
  • Overseeing investor relations
  • Providing management reports and interpreting financial results
  • Implementing employee benefit plans
  • Supervising accounting personnel
  • Identifying and assessing legal issues

Most of the CFO’s responsibilities are not directly related to operations but neglecting any of these responsibilities can negatively impact the viability of the business.


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